Medicine of Mother Earth:

Song circle Natural Sound Bath

12 OCTOBER 19 - 21 h

200 SEK






A relaxing multi-instrumental sound healing journey led by Shervin Boloorian and supported by guest musicians. Starting with simple interactive group vocal toning and mantra to release tension and ground the mind.

After that, close the eyes, lay back and be welcomed into a sensory-rich world of pure sound vibration from a number of natural acoustic instruments including didgeridoo, Zen flute, Shaman Drum, Strings, Meditation Chimes, gong, guitar, crystal/Tibetan Bowls, percussion, authentic medicine chants and more. Sound Medicine is based on Fabien Maman’s groundbreaking cellular research on sound and blood cells, the Chinese Medicine five element system, music theory, mysticism, and the Tibetan/Vedic chakras.

Instruments are tuned to correspond to the natural elements and the body’s energy centers. These sounds relax the body, feed the subtle bodies, release emotion, clear the mind, and expand the consciousness—

wherever you are with your practice, the sounds from both these events will meet and raise your vibration. All are welcome and please come in comfortable clothes.





Shervin’s talent and versatility as an award-winning multi-instrumental musician, and world class vocalist make each program he offers exceptional in quality. Because of his own diverse roots, and interactive group space-holding skills, Shervin can touch audiences of all ages, persuasions and backgrounds. When he applies his musical skills, caring presence and ability to read groups and individuals, the atmosphere at his events intensifies, allowing listeners to switch off the mind and be guided into a sensory-rich sound energy experience that will remain with them long after the music stops.


Shervin’s depth of knowledge and experience set him apart as a respected authority on natural healing sound. He has appeared as an expert on several podcasts, is author of the book, “the Three Zones of Sound,” (2022) and has published numerous articles on the subject of sound therapy. Collecting his vast expertise and depth of knowledge, Shervin designed and created the ‘Three Zones System’ that he teaches to future sound workers throughout the world in his highly praised training program. He draws from his Iranian and Indigenous lineages into all his programs- incorporating world music, authentic medicine songs, and Sufi chants in Persian and Arabic, among other styles. Shervin also trained with sound healing pioneer and world authority, Fabien Maman, and is a graduate of Maman’s renowned Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement,


Shervin’s passion for sound healing and dedication to bringing communities together through music were behind his launch of Bali’s first Sound Healing Program at the famous Yoga Barn holistic campus in 2012. Having collaborated musically with Sufi initiates, Bali spiritual leaders, a Tibetan Lama and Native American wisdom keepers, his events invite authentic cultural understanding and appreciation as well as a rich live music experience. His second album, a music for peace project involving sevral guest musicians and producers from around the world, was endorsed by best-selling translator of Rumi, Coleman Barks, for aiming to heal the wounds between Western cultures and Islam through music. His live music night events in Bali appeal to all audiences, remaining most popular at Yoga Barn, with regular sold out events (close to 80 guests on average).


Shervin sings and composes in a variety of different languages. His vocals carry a timeless and boundaryless quality and have been described by best-selling author and spiritualist, Margot Anand, as “angelic! A unique blend of the gentle, soft and seductive.” Lines of separation between musical genres are blurred when listening to Shervin’s recordings. His albums often contain hybrid styles not attempted before such as Indian mantra with Gospel; Western Jazz with Middle Eastern and New Age musical flavors; and Sufi Zikr in Arabic in a West African style. His groundbreaking recording style in 2020 conveyed the experience of sound medicine into a meticulous and high quality studio format, through “I Hear You, Mother Earth.” Shervin recorded every instrument or sang on every track on this album, earning three Global Peace Song Awards and launching his unmistakable brand of ancient and globally inspired healing music to notoriety.